mardi 4 septembre 2012


Hi fellas,

First half of the year was fuckin' great!
We released our best act with "Le Rêve de Cassandre" last February, we have toured a lot, getting some amazing parties with friendly bands (Get The Shot, Raptures, Aussitot Mort), discovered new places, people & countries, still on the way we love to run Nine Eleven.

During the last summer, our friend Julien left the band and Aurélien (from Last Exit To Brooklyn R.I.P.) joined us definitively behind the drums after some shows he played with us before. And that's something really fuckin' great to get him with us now!

And for the next, we'll go for a one full month european tour from half of October to Half of November (through Poland, Germany, Belarus, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Moldavia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Macedonia, Austria, Cz Rep, ..), before getting back Southeast Asia in December!

Thanks to everyone who supports us and see ya on the road.