lundi 17 septembre 2012


REALLY IMPORTANT (to everyone here and especially to all promoters) : we got some weird attitudes and sucked show's offers these last months, which are not ok at all with the way we ever run with Nine Eleven. While we thought to have been clear enough about it.
So that's the time now to set it up definitively clear :

- We're not playing sponsored shows by any sucking and smelly corporations.
 MDC said about it during their 2K4 european Tour : "We're endorsed by no lame ass suck the blood out of punk and rebellion multi death consumeristic bullshit sneakers or any other stupid quasi cool company for fake punk bands".
There are no others means and way for us to get the punk rock.

- We're not playing shows to brand or to make the advertising of any "lord" or religion.
 It's up to everyone to find the "light" in this way. That's not our own one. We're neither liars nor opportunists nor cheaters. Then we prefer not playing than playing for something or in the name of something we don't agree with.

- We're not playing shows for anyone who wants to make local bands paying to be added on the bill (for playing with us or with any others bands)

- We're not playing for getting success or being famous.
Then playing with popular bands or new mainstream ones is not THE motivation for us for getting a show. We don't care about it.

- We're into anti : colonialism, racism, homophobia, right wing, nationalism, imperialism, etc.
It looks like being the "normal" way in this scene. But at the end, it seems that's not for all of us. Then if you're not into this way and use "hardcore" to promote some suckin' ideologies and postures, please don't invite us.

 We get contradictions enough in our daily life (as for everyone does here) for getting these ones with Nine Eleven. Then if you don't agree with that, don't waste your time with us. And don't make us wasting our own one with you too. If you agree with it, can't wait to see you live and thank you for your lovely support !