mercredi 5 janvier 2011


Hi there,

As you got it, everything about the band is now on this new spot.
Even if this site is a property of Google and if it, surely, doesn’t worth better than shitty stuff like myspace or facebook in the Entertainment, we don’t belong, at least, to a so called virtual community anymore.
And we feel to be less on an advertising space for mainstream shits than on a band site here.
Anyway, the myspace count still exists just for being in touch with hardcore promoters who keep their activities on this program, and not for the rest.
As for facebook, the most part of the band’s members does not have anything to deal with it. But we know much that’s a media used by many people around for being in touch with or supporting us.
Whatever how some of us hate it, we’ll decide soon what we gonna do with that. Nine Eleven is not a 100% dictatorship (eheh) and we’re not all getting the same point of view about this thread.
However, we’re all ok to say that going to shows, meeting people and feeding what you got in this way in the real life (or in a closer way) will ever worth better than all inorganic “friends” comments, “I love it” clicks, and customized personal pages it can be.
In this way, we thank once again all people who supported us in 2010 which was a fantastic year with many tours through the whole Europe and this amazing trip SEA last April. We thank all the friends who promoted shows for us, friends who helped us out for the booking, the ones we met at shows, the ones we’re fallen in love to, our labels, friends who shared their flat with us, the awesome bands we played with and … you know who you are.

As for 2K11, you know that Simon (the first singer of 911 and the one who set it up at start) is definitively back. If you got Nine Eleven on stage with him the last summer tour, you know that rules.
If you think not, as the other one said "If you don't get it, don't listen and that's all".
Julien who joined the band more than a year is always so ginger and handsome. And we love him as we never did it before. A perfect punk love story!
About stage stuff, the tour in South of America, where we should go to next April, is canceled cause of some logistic questions. We’re keeping this project on for later, waiting news from friends about it there.
But many shows are coming in France, Belgium and Germany. With our friend Rafael from IMPACT BOOKING (, we’re setting up two trips in Spain / Portugal for soon too. And many others should be booked later for the months to come.
Anyway, this year might be a little bit less full of shows cause the most principal thing for us is about writing the new album that we hope recording before the end of the year. We started to do it and we’re pretty sure it gonna sound better than the last one, “City Of Quartz”.

So if you want to get in touch for anything, check out the hotline:

Nine Eleven