samedi 26 mars 2011


Hello there,

We’re not the best ones for giving news and updates, but anyway, we gonna do it now.
The last week-ends shows in Germany, France, Belgium and Spain were fuckin’ great!
So that’s the time to thank everyone and you know who you are!
We discovered some amazing bands playing live that you have to check the sound out now: GLASSES (Fuckin’ raw, thrash and stoner Punk Hardcore which released a split the last summer with COMADRE) and PAAN (amazing mix between Postcore and post rock with screamo touches) from Germany.

We got the chance to share the stage with our lovely friends and genius from LAST EXIT TO BROOKLYN, I AM A CURSE, FAKE OFF and AS WE DRAW too. It’s always magic to get them live. So the best that we can hope for you is about getting their next show near your home!

About NINE ELEVEN, we updated our upcoming-shows list. Please check it out!
We really thank Rafaël (IMPACT BOOKING) for everything he did for setting up the Spanish-Portuguese tour to come. Unfortunately, our friend decided to stop his booking involvement for some reasons we can get, then we hope for him and his band PRESSURE (great youth crew in the vein of CHAMPION) the best.
Otherwise, we decided to take care now of the whole merchandising stuff. We might open a “big cartel” soon. For being honest, that’s not the kind of things we’re the best ones into and things we’re really into. So please forgive us our lack of professional spirit, but we’re trying our best in this way :)
Still about this kind of stuff, the vinyl edition of City Of Quartz is sold out. You might get the last copies in some webstore or distro only (to our georgeous bros from IFU at this link for example: 
That’s almost the same with the digisleeve edition. 
With the 100 screenprinted copies and crystal ones, it’s about 2500 music stuff you got from us.
Thanks a lot to everyone who got one. That means a lot for us!  

Another thing! Some of us are involved in many projects in relation with some indie activities, so:

_ Check out on this link , SEDITION “8” Hardcore and DIY mag’ in French,  with bands and activists interviews (Another Breath, The Holy Mountain, The Fluff Fest, Brat Pack, United Front Booking, Karma To Burn, etc..) some reports, reviews and stuff :

_ Check the SQUAT DE CASBAH “4” out (and the old issues). It’s a political French fanzine (with no labels to represent) about the meat market, work’s conditions in some national structures, environment’s business, historic social movements, etc... + Cartoons, “novels”, and more. Here’s the link:

_ Check out “No Fun” broadcast on Radio Béton ( every Tuesday from 11pm to Midnight (and sometimes later). It’s about Hardcore, Punk, Thrash, indie metal and pop.

_ Check out the amazing Jeff’s silkscreen group there:

_ Still in this way, with our lovely friends from ENJOY THE SHOW and TOULOUSE HARDCORE SHOWS, we’ll set up together the second edition of the SCREAM AT THE SUN FESTIVAL in Bordeaux (Heretic “CBGB’s” Club) the next 3rd and 4th of June, with VITAMIN X, SNUFF (+ Guests), AUSSITOT MORT, THE REAL DANGER, BIG KIDS, PNEU, BROKEN TEETH, and many more (around 20 bands during this two days event). So keep your eyes opened and join the party!

Warning: We ask for your interest in this funny, clever and funky boy. Tommy (from the Don’t Trust The Hype’s Family) is telling about his life and feelings in the great way:

So, we thank again everyone who supports us, and friends / activists for their amazing involvment in the independent way!


Nine Eleven