mercredi 17 avril 2013

SPRING NEWS (Under 0 degrees)

2K12 was a full year shows, and we pushed some limits away as we never did it again before, still discovering new spaces, branding new connections with amazing people everywhere we played, getting new experiences (great or sucked), touring with Aussitôt Mort (great friends and best french act for now), meeting (again) attitudes we love… and hate in Hardcore Punk Scene, etc.

We finished the «promotion» of  LE REVE DE CASSANDRE with a 30 shows tour in the whole Europe last October-November, a month touring in SEA (Thailand, ML, Borneo, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore) straight after last December, and a week end show in Portugal in January 2K13. That was fuckin’ intense and that gave an amazing epilogue to this trip.

Since our back home, we didn’t give many news cause we needed to make a kind of break with this tour’s rythm and everything that feeds around. That’s something we have planned since last summer, cause we had already in mind to write something new during the year to come. And that’s a great thing cause sometimes practicing and brainstorming about new music’s writing between friends only can be as much as fun than hitting the stage.

Anyway, we’re just writing now new songs for one E.P. we’ll record next June with Amaury Sauve, and we hope to make it out next October. The way we’ll set it up is something like special, cause that will be the first record sessions with 9/11 for Aurélien (who’s the official band’s drummer since last September) and the last one for Vincent, our bass player, who’ll leave the band before the end of the year. As soon as we got this idea, we took the decision to release it by our own, to control everything from the start to the end. So the next E.P. will be an «autoprod», out under the name of Nine Eleven Conspiracy. That’s a new expérience that we all wish trying together, and it’s time for us to do it now.

Until next September, we’ll play 2 shows only : The first one in Angers with Sevère Gouine (ex Dailymind Distortion) Friday 10/05, and the second one in Paris Sun 18/08 (with Walls Of Jericho, Confusions, etc.) at the Glazar’t. For sure, we’ll take back our way as we always ran it before the end of the year. We’ll let you know about it later.

For now (and about 2K12), our sweet and lovely thanks to our labels (DTTH, Guerilla, Effervescence, IFU, bad Mood, Samstrong), promoters we got a good felling with, all DIY bookers (Feuzeul, United Front, etc.) we got a no profit deal with, all people we met and branded connections with, and cool bands we played with.

Nine Eleven