jeudi 29 août 2013


Hi Folks,

Yesterday, we just finished to record our next 12' @ La Senelle (in Laval) with Amaury Sauvé.
We're really excited about the final result that we hope to get before the end of next September!

And we're excited more about it cause we're releasing it by our own from the start to the end, under the "Nine Eleven Conspiracy" label.

We're planning everything about it (Vinyl 12', Silkscreen printed Cd's limited edition, etc.), and we keep our fingers crossed to see the things working out well without meeting any delay's troubles.

We let you know about all of that as soon as possible... as soon as we'll know, at least, about it.

Since the beginning of 2K13, many changes happened in the band, and we're really happy to get the road back with new friends inside the crew (Julien - Vocals, Greg - Bass) and a new stuff to play on stage that we'll have 100% made by our own.

The next trip - from 17/10 to 02/11 - will get us to Scandinavia with some shows in the north of Europe on the go and back (Germany, Latvia, Poland, Cz, ..). And many others things and plans for the months coming should be confirmed soon enough.

We wish to thank our past members and friends, Simon (vocals) and Vince (Bass), for their involvement and passion fed in Nine Eleven again too. And we hope the best for them in their next personal life's projects!

Many more infos are coming soon about us.

Nine Eleven